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Central Locking system N’anga reveals secrets in interview

There has been a lot of stories about the “African Central Locking System”, (a magic mechanism which ensures one is not cheated on by their spouse) and many are eager to know whether it fact or fiction, Peter Matika from Sunday News leisure caught up with a traditional healer from Chipinge District in Manicaland Province, who possesses supernatural powers that can prevent lovers from engaging in extra-marital affairs. The Sangoma has become a much sought-after person in Bulawayo.

The 40-year-old Eddington Virimayi, popularly known as SaManyika, has grown from just a common traditional healer to a big hit in the suburb of Emakhandeni.

Below are excerpts of the interview.
PM: Could you be kind enough to explain to us the “art” of central locking and also take us on a journey into the world of the supernatural, which many believe to be non-existent.

EV: As you know there is such a realm in the world where what some people believe to be fantasy is reality.
I have experienced and seen a lot of amazing things in my life and I am proud to say I, through the mermaid spirit I use, have experienced amazing things. Seeing that you doubt this, I would give you a free tryout, which will last for about three weeks and you will return to me and tell me whether I am fake or not. In performing the locking ritual I only require one (men or women) to bring a brand-new padlock, their spouse’s underwear and strands of their pubic hair. For instance if you as a man want to lock your wife or girlfriend, you bring a padlock, her underwear and strands of your pubic hair and I do the rest. The same can also be said for women who want to lock their partners.

Central locking makes the organ of the locked person unable to perform on any other person than his or her partner.
PM: So after one is locked how then are they unlocked or released from that form of chastity?

EV: It depends on the spouse, as in when he or she wants to release you. Sometimes the spell lasts only until the person who locked you dies, or when they just feel they have no interest in you anymore.

PM: How much do you charge for this service and who mostly requires these services.
EV: Women mostly require this service and only a sizeable number of men do seek the service but it is not so common among men. I charge $30 for the spell and I guarantee that it works.

PM: Interesting. Please take us down memory lane to when you started your trade, particularly focusing on your mermaid spirit?
EV: Well it dates as far back as 1989, when I used to be a prophet. I always knew I was brought on earth to assist people. I would assist people through prayers and prophecy up until sometime in 2006 when I was herding cattle in my homeland near Nyazvidzi River in Manicaland when fate introduced me to a mysterious creature commonly referred to as a mermaid. I remember seeing a person resembling a woman on the banks of the river, whom I thought was dressed in a church uniform and was trying to commit suicide. I could only see her torso, as the rest of her body was submerged in water; she was wearing a blue-like uniform and had extraordinary shiny black hair. As I wondered why she wanted to commit suicide, I decided to talk to her and also to warn her about the river, as it is sacred and believed to be the home to mermen and mermaids. When I got close to her she suddenly disappeared and when I tried to investigate I was immediately caught up in a whirlwind.

A Sangoma’s kit

While in the whirlwind a mystical voice spoke to me, telling me that I had been chosen to be a mermaid’s vessel. The voice told me that from that day on I would be responsible for healing and assisting people in need of spiritual services. The voice told me to advise my ancestors and family, which I did and was thus instructed to return the following day, where I found a staff half-submerged in water and the other half on land.

Central Locking system N’anga reveals secrets in interview
PM: How did you manage to balance the word of God and traditional spirituality? Wasn’t there some sort of warfare involved?
EV: Obviously I was meant to choose and the mermaid’s power was stronger even though it does adhere to biblical issues. Whenever I would prophesy I would immediately become possessed by the mermaid’s spirit and perform wonders. I should note that there is a difference in mer-people; there are mermaids, who handle traditional medicines and mermen who are responsible for herding livestock.

PM: Before we go further, could you point out to us if these creatures are dangerous or not and if you did go into the water when you met this mermaid?
EV: There are instances when these creatures are reported to be violent but they are humble and that is why they are not seen. I was partially in the water when I encountered the mermaid. There are stories of people being taken by mermaids but I was chosen to heal.

PM: Okay, apart from locking people, what other ailments do you cure?
EV: Like I mentioned to you, mermaids are medicine creatures that are capable of healing almost any ailment. I can cure almost any ailment suffered by human beings. When one seeks my services the mermaid spirit shows me which medicines to seek and administer to the patient. Sometimes I even have to travel as far as my homeland to find the medicines, which I would have been shown through visions. I can also hunt witches, goblins and other creatures and destroy them if the need arises.

PM: Remarkable, but since the mermaid gave you such powers doesn’t it require you to give it something in return? As you know there is always a catch to any favour in the world.
EV: No, not at all. Like I said it only requires me to assist people and obviously be grateful and appease it in a certain way which is basically just thanking it.

PM: So ever since you got this power how has your lifestyle changed, if ever it has?
EV: My life has obviously changed for the better since I began assisting people. I now have a homestead back in my village and have cattle and I am looking forward to more positive developments in my life.

PM: Are you married? If so, how many children do you have and how do they take your line of your work.
EV: Yes, I am married and I have four children, who are all still in school. They appreciate what I do because it is what I am meant to do in the world. My wife also possesses spiritual powers and assists me in my work. When I am not available she attends to the clients.

PM: So healing is a family trade. Do you wish to see your children follow suit?
EV: If they receive the calling then it can’t be helped but it would be a nice thing.

PM: What level of education did you attain?
EV: I went as far as O-level, I attended Buhera High School, before that I was at Mpandawana Secondary School.

PM: You mentioned that when you were introduced to the trade by the mermaid when you were herding cattle. Were you working as a herdboy or you were herding your father’s cattle?
EV: We all have to work to bring food to the table and I was doing just that up until I was called into this trade. I was herding my father’s cattle.

PM: Seeing as you are turning into a much sought-after person, aren’t you afraid of competition from other healers or afraid that they might try and curse you?
EV: They have already tried but because I am a calm somebody and don’t believe in violence, I have spells and methods to prevent myself from harm.

PM: You said that someone has already tried to bewitch you, do you care to enlighten us how and who it is?
EV: I don’t want to mention names but when I first came to this neighbourhood someone, a traditional healer, tried to frighten or curse me by defecating on my doorstep. That was a bad luck spell, which if I had reacted in disdain, would have had repercussions, where I would have lost clients. But because I am aware of such things and have a powerful spirit, I just let it pass and got rid of the excrement.
PM: Must be an interesting life you lead. Thank you for your time and wish you the best in your supernatural endeavours.
Article Source: Sunday News
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