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[FULL SERMON] Vapostori sects are demonic says Prophet W. Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya recently stirred a hornets’ nest by referring to the vapostori sect as being possessed by marine spirits.
[FULL SERMON] Vapostori sects are demonic says Prophet W. Magaya
Below we reproduce the sermon in full . . .
The subject of marine spirits is closely related to anti-marriage spirits, blessed are those who read the “Anti-marriage Spirits” booklet.

You cannot fully separate anti-marriage spirits from marine spirits because here and there they interlink with each other.

You were once very rich or had a financially stable life for some years. You managed to acquire some properties and your efforts could pay off accordingly. Suddenly you started noticing a spiral downfall in your life to the extent of doubling your effort and working hours with the hope of resuscitating your situation but you continued to sink and as we speak you have typically sunk up to your neck.

Whatever you had acquired (there) is now little left if not none at all – there is little to talk about in terms of your past working years.

You have tried to start all over again but it seems like you are circling on one spot and literally tied to a tree like a goat. Your life feels so limited with tight boundaries which seem so static and if they ever change the boundaries are shrinking and getting narrower year by year making you wonder why.

Some of you women have reached chronic spinsterhood; many of your relationships do not last long and for those that last long the promises for marriage keep on shifting goal-posts. In the process you have ended up having multiple relationships with the hope of getting into a quick marriage but nothing has materialised up until now.

For those who got married there is nothing to talk about in that marriage, it is always quarrels and fighting most of the time while others have waited for many years hoping to conceive but to no avail – miscarriages and barrenness are synonymous with you.

Others bear children but they do not live past five years leaving you with many questions than answers. Are you a man or woman who has married and remarried several times to the point of deciding to stay alone – you are confused?

Are you a church leader who started your ministry quite well with the anointing power of Jesus Christ flowing mightily every time you gathered for a service while you received great revelations of God’s word as you churned it out at the pulpit but now it is history? You had built a big church because of the faith of expansion that you had and it used to fill up including the overflow sections but today you only meet with a number of congregants which looks like family and you keep asking why.

Each time you sleep you find yourself swimming in the dreams. Some of you even have spouses and children of your own in those dreams yet you are not married or you are barren and infertile.

There are frequent losses of lives in your family which happen so sudden either through accidents or short illnesses and the more you tried to run around to certain places for solutions the situation got worse.

All the above problems and many more which you can relate to your life situation or condition could have been caused by the marine spirits – the root cause of your problems.

What are marine spirits and the marine kingdom?

When you hear marine, the first thing that comes to your mind is water or river. You are not wrong, marine spirits are water spirits or spirits whose kingdom or place of origin is the marine or water bodies such as rivers, pools, lakes, oceans and seas. They are the most wicked of all spirits of the dark world.

The headquarters of the marine kingdom is in the Indian Ocean headed by the Queen of the Indian Ocean while next in command is Queen of the Coast who takes charge of the Atlantic Ocean.

The water spirit, also known in some circles as Mami Wata (Mother Water), is known as beautiful and seductive, protective yet very dangerous. Both spirits are half human and half fish (mermaid – njuzu) while their subordinates or those in the lower ranks take the same form or different profiles of the dragon or serpent.

The marine kingdom is highly organised with extreme technology and sophisticated equipment used by high-ranking Satanists to design things that are seductively beautiful and irresistible.

It is made up of psychiatrists, occultists, scientists and technical engineers who work tirelessly in labs to design the latest weapons, perfumes, and assorted types of cosmetics.

Many perfumes to lure or seduce men and women are designed in the marine kingdom. In addition many models of women’s underwear and sexy clothing to seduce and distract men are also made there as well as flashy cars and different designs of electronics.

It is in the same underwater kingdom where powerful musical lyrics of obscene content, most hi-tech gadgets, Play Stations and computer games originate to capture children or distract them from their Christian life and academics thereby transforming them into rowdy, spoiled brats and vagabond lifestyles – no wonder why some computer games are demonic and actually have demonic characters leading to serious addictions.

Goods designed in the marine kingdom are used in the physical realm (here on earth) through supply to people who signed contracts with the devil and countersigned by the Queens of the Coast or Queen of India.

The buyers of these goods receive high sales, prosperity and sudden rise to fame but in return you have to sacrifice one or two souls every year to the devil.

Failure to offer sacrifice has serious consequences which include misery, bankruptcy, close of business or homes, sudden fall and even death. Some of the products are freely given to anti-Christ agents for use in executing their missions of distracting people from Christianity.

Before I move on let me reiterate that the youths are at a greater risk than adults when it comes to music, pornographic videos and computer games because their minds are not yet mature to separate the wheat from chaff.

They need our parental guidance and close monitoring with regards to the content which they consume because they are highly targeted by the devil and the marine kingdom spends more hours on areas which control youths than any other age-groups.

Parents, take your time to monitor what your child is interested in before you cry over spilled milk – prevention is better than cure.

Be careful as well when it comes to deodorants and perfumes because some of them come from the marine kingdom prepared to seduce men and women therefore try by all means to avoid buying such products from the streets and markets, go buy from reputable shops.

Marine spirits have greater influence over mankind on earth than any demonic spirit. The world is 70 percent covered in water – no wonder the marine spirits have such strong influence than any other evil spirits.

Just as I mentioned earlier in the above paragraph that anti-marriage spirits and marine spirits are related it is not surprising to note that over 95 percent of divorce cases are influenced by marine spirits.

When Jesus Christ cast out demons from the man who had a legion of demons [Mark 5 v 8-13] the demons requested to be cast out into the swine and the swine or pigs subsequently fled and perished into the sea.

The majority of these demons were marine spirits that had come to dwell on land through the man. It must be understood that marine spirits do not have a right to stay on land but can only do so by dwelling in human bodies or other forms of life. In a way, the legion of demons returned to where they belonged, the sea.

Of these marine spirits the worst and most stubborn one is the leviathan spirit. This kind of marine spirit promotes hyper self-consciousness and stiff-necked character or pride [Job.41].

People with the leviathan spirit are not easily delivered because it’s chief job is to block deliverance.

It causes you to be argumentative and quarrelsome. Church ministers who refuse to open up to deliverance are controlled by leviathan spirits just as the people who fight deliverance.

Preachers with leviathan spirits curse you from the pulpit. This spirit keeps people from receiving things of God. It is an anti-Christ spirit and it hardens their hearts just like the Jezebel spirit [1 Kings v 16, 18, 19, 22]. It chokes you with spiritual deafness and blindness. The leviathan demon is the author of false tongues and commissions the counterfeit, fake or copycats of the true church.

These churches are meant to mislead the public into believing they are genuine yet they are not but you can easily tell or discern by the above characteristics.

Do you have a hard heart against men of God or God’s word? Do you have pride to the extent that you believe that all you are and what you have are results of personal effort such that you perceive believers of the word as lazy people? Do you make efforts to convince others against God’s word or support debates against God’s people? Are you quarrelsome and argumentative to maintain your hyper self-consciousness – pride?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions and your breakthrough has taken long to come, then you could be under the control of the leviathan spirit of the marine kingdom. In addition to the leviathan spirit there is also the Orion spirit which is the first lieutenant of Lucifer and is highly skilled in deceptions, false statements and fake religious ministries.

It is from these Orion and leviathan spirits of the marine kingdom where false non-Bible believing white garment churches (mapostori ekumasowe) are derived.

It is also unfortunate that many people have been deceived to follow or visit these kinds of shrines (masowe) in an effort to go over their problems yet to no avail.

Many people who have visited these non-Bible believing churches have had their problems worsened while others have been permanently hooked to them after receiving various continuous serious threats including death (zviga zverufu netsaona ) thereby becoming members.
To be continued . . .
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