Thursday, 30 March 2017

Gweru Police Officer‘s Bedroom Video Leaks

A GWERU policewoman’s se_x tape and nude pictures have leaked and gone viral on social media. In the two minute-video clip in possession of this publication Sergeant Vaidah Makozvo stationed at Development House, Gweru features having oral se_x with a man.

Makozvo and sources believe the se_x tape was leaked by her ex-lover.

“Makozvo’s ditched lover leaked the video clip as revenge after their relationship ended,” said the source.
The source said the law enforcement agent is married to a man who is currently in neighbouring South Africa.

Makozvo blamed her ex-husband whom she refused to identify for leaking the explicit video and pictures on social media.

“We agreed with my ex-husband whom l have a child with to have a se_x tape for our own personal use.
Gweru Police Officer‘s Bedroom Video Leaks
“When we broke up I pleaded with him to delete the video but he told me that he would have to look for someone with the technological expertise to delete them as he was failing to do so,” she said.
One vendor Killian Gutuza, who is suspected to be featuring in the video confirmed having an affair with the police officer but denied featuring in the video.

“I am Makozvo’s ex-boyfriend but one thing for certain is that her other ex-husband is the one who is in the sex tape as she alluded.

“My hands are clean; we divorced sometime back.

“I have no case to answer as far as the leaked pictures and video are concerned.”

Source: H Metro

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