Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Madzibaba Angry After Being Forced To Shave Their Heads Bald With One Razor Blade ...

Church members at Johanne Masowe yeChishanu sect in Bulawayo are worried after their leaders allegedly forced them to shave their heads with one razor blade. 

One congregant was assaulted by one of the leaders Stephen Mugozhiwa after refusing to be shaved. The matter has been reported to the police case No CR 713. When contacted Stephen denied the allegations.

However, H-Metro is in possession of an audio recording where he confirmed assaulting then congregant.

“Where did you hear that from? Nothing like that ever happened at our church,” he claimed. The church members who spoke to H-metro on condition of anonymity also said the majority of the congregation have visible injuries inflicted by their leaders.

“Madzibaba Stephen Mugozhiwa is the one who influences other church leaders to use violence whenever we refuse to share the same razor blade. This form of abuse has been happening to us but we were just keeping it to ourselves because we did not want to create tension with our leaders. We understand that it is our church requirement to have our heads shaven bald but it is not fair for them to force us to shave our hair with one razor blade. Apart from being unhygienic, we are at risk of contracting various diseases that is why we are against it. There are medical reports which prove our claims and what makes the situation really sad is children and women are also victims of this brutality,” they said.
Madzibaba Angry After Being Forced To Shave Their Heads Bald With One Razor Blade ...
The congregant went on to reveal that they were ready to leave the church if then leadership continues to ill-treat them. “Our church feels like home to us but as hard as it may be for us we will be left with no choice than to leave the church because we feel what the leadership is doing is ungodly,” they added.

Source: H Metro

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