Wednesday, 12 April 2017

32 Year Old Man's Confession Leaves Social Media In Shock.

He is handsome, dresses smartly and women like him. But Komana Raboshakga is still a vi_rgin and says he’s saving himself for his wedding night!

The 32-year-old from Bochum, Limpopo told Daily Sun he had been in two relationships but never had se_x with his girlfriends.

He said one of the women even left him because he wouldn’t sleep with her.

“When I had a girlfriend for a year in 2009, I made sure we met in public places like the park so we wouldn’t be tempted.
32 Year Old Man's Confession Leaves Social Media In Shock.
“The longest relationship I had lasted for a year but we separated when the girl’s family moved to Joburg.

“I had planned to marry her.

“The other girl I was with couldn’t take being se_xually starved any longer. But I couldn’t do it so I let her go.”

Komana said he is ready to get married but could only commit to a woman who was born again.

He encouraged young people to abstain from sex as it would keep them strong so they could satisfy their wives’ se_xual desires when the time came.

“Abstinence is possible. Remain a virgin until you’re ready to be married.

“I believe in abstinence, especially if one is not married, because se_x is sacred and special.

“My wife will have a special night to remember on our honeymoon.”

Source: Daily Sun

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