Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Clara Apphia Manjoro Tombstone Unveiling Date Set

A CEREMONY to unveil the tombstone for the co-founder of Faith World Ministries Reverend Dr Clara Apphia Manjoro has been set for next Wednesday.

Speaking to The Herald yesterday, Reverend Faithful Manjoro-Mutibvu, daughter to the late Reverend Manjoro, said the ceremony will be held at the family farm in Nyabira.

Dr Manjoro was buried at a farm known as Little England.

Reverend Manjoro-Mutibvu said all people who might have interacted or were touched by the late Dr Manjoro’s works were invited to attend.

“We are inviting all those who might have interacted with our mother or whose lives were touched by her works in one way or the other to accept our special invitation to the unveiling of her tombstone in Nyabira where she was laid to rest,” she said.

“April 12 marks the day when our mother passed on and Wednesday will be exactly a year after her departure.”
Clara Apphia Manjoro Tombstone Unveiling Date Set
The late Reverend Manjoro died last year in April after a short illness.

Reverend Manjoro-Mutibvu said the ceremony will also coincide with Faith World Ministries’ annual international conference, which will run from April 10 to 16 under the theme “Holy Ghost Fire”.

Expected to attend are dignitaries from countries like the United Kingdom, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Mozambique.

Faith World Ministries was co-founded by the late Reverend Manjoro and her husband Bishop Bartholomew Manjoro in 1993.

They also started a bible school in 1994.

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