Friday, 14 April 2017

Video - White Garment Prophets Rescue Young Girl From Njuzu .. See It As It Happens In This Amazing Video

A 14-year-old girl from Sosera village who mysteriously disappeared at Rozva Dam in a suspected mermaid (njuzu) attack on Monday last week miraculously came back alive after intense prayers and intercessions by an indigenous apostolic church prophet from Buhera.

Winet Govheya from Chief Marozva’s area is said to have gone missing mysteriously on her way to school.

The girl’s mother Ringanirai Hwande told TellZim News in an interview that her daughter had vanished in the presence of school mates on their way to school.
Video - White Garment Prophets Rescue Young Girl From Njuzu .. See It As It Happens In This Amazing Video
“Winet went missing on Monday and I went to seek help from church elders who instructed me not to cry or raise alarm while promising to help pray for the child’s safe return.

“Her schoolmates are not sure how she vanished. They only said she did not cross the road with others who moved fast to dodge an approaching whirlwind (chamupupuri) and never thought of checking on her,” Hwande said.

Winet’s father Douglous Govheya said he was still to come to terms with what happened to her daughter.

“I am still to know how it all happened because those who were there do not have clear descriptions. When Winet herself came back, she could not talk and could barely sit.

“A clear explanation would clear my heart of what really happened to my daughter during the days she went missing. You never know, maybe she had been kidnapped because after prayers at home, we found her lying on the banks of Rozva Dam,” Govheya said.

Charles Kasirai, the prophet who challenged the mermaid through prayers, told TellZim News he was staying with Winet for two weeks to initiate her to become a prophet.

“Most people who survive mermaid attacks become traditional healers but Winet will be a prophet. Men of God are interceding on her behalf and praying for her angel to come and guide her in her prophetic work,” Kasirai said.

Source: Tellzim

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